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Environment policy

We are aware of the social demands for environment preservation and our responsibility as an automotive manufacturer. We promote prevention of environmental pollution and improvement of the environment. Our company sets environmental policy and management systems that meet the requirement of related laws. We also analyze the ronmental influence in the whole process of raw materials procurement, production and service.

The company should keep improving the environment through the following activities.

1. The CEO of the company routinely checks the environmental management system, reflecting on environment-related factors in the established company policy.

2. Namsun Aluminum will adhere to high standards through self-management in addition to meeting the requirement of environment-related laws.

3. Namsun Aluminum will be mindful of its environmental influence. We will create and implement programs to ensure the protection of the environment.

4. Namsun Aluminum will make our employees aware of our company policy on the environment and create training programs to further their understanding.

5. Namsun Aluminum will fulfill its social responsibility for preserving the environment and ensuring full environmental disc

Environment management system Certificate