Research & Development

Namsun Aluminum Automotive Parts

Technical Center is carrying out various engineering activities such as product design, collision analysis, mold flow analysis, and test evaluation to develop products that meet the latest trends and customer needs.

It is also expanding our technological spectrum by researching and developing new technologies for complex design and lightweight products such as cavity demolding and thin wall bumper injection molding.

  • Product Engineering

    - Feasibility Study
    - Detail Design
    - CAE Simulation
    - Test & Validation
  • Project Engineering

    - APQP
    - MDT management
    - Timing, Risk management
  • Mold Engineering

    - Moldflow Analisys
    - Mold Design Study
    - Mold Build (Proto & Production)
  • Manufacturing Engineering

    - Machine Development
    - Jig & Fixture Development
    - Process Supervising
    - Process Improvement